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GUI (Graphical User Interface)

SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP GUI?

Full form or SAP GUI stands for (Graphical User Interface), an important ERP tool that allows SAP end users to use various software applications by providing easy-to-use graphical interface, runs on operating systems like Apple Macintosh, Microsoft windows, UNIX and so forth. This SAP component dominates a major share of the worldwide market and offers convenient accessibility to the views, formats, applications, features and functionalities of SAP applications. It also allows users to remotely access the SAP Central Server of an organization, via a network.

The first release of SAP GUI version 1.0 did not boast of many graphical tools like radio buttons. However, over time, SAP has revised its GUI module and the latest versions released in June 2012 (SAP GUI 7.30) were equipped with new customization features and useful functionalities - they were developed with the help of Visual Studio 2010.

SAP GUI forms the most important client in the SAP R/3's 3-tier architectural structure of  databases, application servers and client based applications. Allowing users to enjoy the many benefits of SAP Business Information Warehouse and SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), this client software (SAP GUI) offers support to the distributed applications of SAP. For instance, it allows SAP users to prevent potential company-internal hackers to get access to unencrypted communications used in their organizations.

Going a long way in preventing extended authorization to usernames/passwords linked with the confidential areas of the SAP system, ‘SAP Screen Personas’ are now being used with SAP NetWeaver ABAP programs. They are totally compatible with the system landscape and strongly protect all communications between servers and clients, through a tool called Secure Network Communications. These and other SAP GUI tools make this module totally indispensible in modern day organizations.

Along with the above mentioned functionalities, SAP offers many shortcuts in the command window. Some of these are:

  • (/n) for navigating to a transaction from the existing transaction window
  • (/o) for opening a new transaction window
  • (/ex) for exiting the screen
  • (/nex) for exiting GUI.

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