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SAP MM (Materials Management)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP MM?

Full form or SAP MM stands for (Materials Management), one of the most popular SAP modules, is an integral part of modern day ERP systems and helps the other SAP modules in covering all the primary departments of a client enterprise. It is specifically designed to automate and streamline the processes of procurement, Inventory Management, valuation and invoice verification. Ranking high in the list of larger sized modules of SAP, these materials manufacturing components are attracting professionals from all across the globe and are helping them build up their career paths as SAP analysts, trainers, functional coordinators or consultants.

The MM application module is totally compatible with the SAP ERP software and manages the procurement as well as other inventory functions that keep taking place in day-to-day business operations. It encompasses all master data, transactions for completing all the procurement processes, system configuration and so forth. The SAP MM (Materials Management ) module is responsible for many varied functions like goods receiving, purchasing, consumption-based planning, material storage and inventory and is well integrated with other modules belonging to the SAP R/3 System like:

According to professionals in the field, one of the most useful sub-modules of SAP MM module is Purchasing and procurement. In most organizations, the purchasing process begins when there is a requirement for materials/services for the smooth functioning of its various processes. If these materials/services are incapable of being obtained from the company’s internal resources, then it becomes important for the management to seek vendors and/ or suppliers who can provide the same in a reliable fashion and in accordance to predefined deadlines. The ensuing purchasing process involves:

  • Creation of Purchase Requisition (PR)
  • Generation of Purchase Order (PO)
  • Receipt of goods/ services
  • Invoice Verification
  • Payment to vendors.

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SAP MM also supports the features and functionalities of the organizational structure, plant, valuation areas, storage locations, vendors and purchasing organizations/ groups. It goes a long way in supporting the different phases of materials management like:

  • Materials planning and control
  • Purchases and procurement processes
  • Receiving of goods
  • Inventory management and
  • Invoice verification.
  • Vendor valuation
  • Statutory Requirements

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP MM

This course is suited for all professionals with a basic university degree like BA, BBA, B.Sc., MBA, Engineering, M.Tech and so forth—provided the degree is obtained from a recognized university. Knowledge of basic computer handling skills is obviously welcome.

This course is suitable for those wanting to frame a career as SAP functional configurators, consultants or SAP functional analysts in the field of Materials and Manufacturing. They should have prior knowledge of important business processes relevant to manufacturing, production management, Inventory Management, planning material management and plant management as well.

This course is also helpful for project members, business analysts, purchasing controllers and staff handling the departments of material planning and inventory management; as an add on module for enhancing their skills. Along with the above mentioned educational and job-specific qualifications, they should possess good team player skills, effective communication skills and the willingness to perform with different time schedules and in adverse conditions.

Become a Certified SAP MM Consultant

After successful completion of this certification course, candidates may aspire for well paid jobs with different profiles like SAP functional analysts, SAP functional configurators in MM, SAP MM consultants and SAP MM Plant Maintenance analysts. An experience of SAP MM full life cycle implantation, effective analytical and planning skills, and experience of 2 - 4years on real life projects is preferred by companies offering good opportunities for the stated job profiles.

While the starting salary figure for these job profiles in India is about INR 55000; the figures start rising with the experience of having handled at least one Life Cycle Implementation of SAP. Specialization in certain functional areas may fetch lucrative pay packages of up to INR 700 K.

With so much and a lot more in store, SAP MM is surely the right way to go. Join today!

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