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Hybris (SAP E-Commerce Software)

SAP Hybris (SAP E-Commerce Software)

Definition - What is SAP Hybris?

With the unprecedented growth of E-commerce in businesses, it is no surprise that SAP has also adapted to the same. Hybris offers solutions for all e-commerce businesses. These solutions are loaded with multiple functionalities that cater to merchandising, product management, order management, product information, support for multiple currencies, analytics, social commerce, reporting, support for multiple languages and native support for online mobile device platforms such as Android and iOS. SAP Hybris supports both B2B and B2C models of e-commerce businesses.

This solution offers extremely scalable and flexible solutions for mid-size and larger organizations. It even supports industries across a wide set of verticals that include wholesale, retail, manufacturing, telecom, media and professional services. In short, SAP Hybris is a must have for all e-commerce businesses as it would yield excellent results for them.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Hybris

Aspirants with a sound knowledge of different modules of SAP Hybris will have plenty of career opportunities after garnering expertise in Hybris. More avenues open up for those with a prior knowledge in SAP CRM, SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and an expertise in e-commerce domain,. Aspirants may expect a significant salary hike as well.

Become a Certified SAP Hybris Consultant

In current times, a certified SAP Hybris Consultant is recognized all across the world and enjoys opportunities to work with the thriving e-commerce industry, which constitutes a majority in the business world. One can become a consultant after obtaining the SAP certified program for SAP Hybris. It certifies them to handle diverse aspects of the e-commerce world with SAP tools and solutions.

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