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XI (Exchange Infrastructure)

SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP XI?

Full form or SAP XI stands for (Exchange Infrastructure), is an innovative Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) application with a strong integration with the SAP software. A popular component of the NetWeaver group of products, it is being used for facilitating information exchange among the internal systems/software of a company and those belonging to external parties. SAP (XI) is compatible with internal enterprise and cross companies scenarios - thus enabling easy linking of enterprises across the globe. It is used for exchanging information between vendors with same or diverse technologies and/ or versions of applications.

SAP XI’s adapter engine offers:

  • A central monitoring system for tracking message flows and processes.
  • An integration of heterogeneous system components.
  • A reliable runtime environment for process management, messages and so forth.

SAP designates XI as an integration broker because it mediates between entities boasting of differing requirements in regards to format, connectivity and protocols. According to SAP experts, XI brings about a reduction in integration costs by offering a common repository for varied interfaces. The SAP  Integration Server forms the central component of SAP XI and facilitates convenient interaction between applications and operating systems across internally placed and externally networked systems.

The many advantages of integrating SAP XI applications include:

  • Easy Integration with all SAP components and products (RFC, IDOC, Proxy).
  • Reliable data security like in other SAP products.
  • Possibility of asynchronous and synchronous communication.
  • Presence of platform independent Java elements.
  • .Net and JAVA Support.
  • Effective tools for handling complex communication tools.
  • A wide range of adapters for handling diverse tools/ technologies (Mail, JDBC, SOAP, CDIX) and so forth.

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